if only they can hear me

no matter how much you could possibly hate someone, end of the day they'll be the one you miss like a thousand tears couldn't tell how much you need them.



faraOfafa said...

very true! But do they misses us? They don't even show that they misses us. Indeed, they were having the fun without us. Isn't it sad? Life unfair! Where did I go wrong? I'm trying to fix thing but it become worse, so better I keep away from them? And live my life with other's beloved friend I have? Isn't it wrong? Because they said, I'm the one who forgetting them. You see? I'm trying to get things fix but at the end things getting worse.

Anonymous said...

hhohoho. chin up babe.
it just up and down of life.
things will get better.
it just a matter of time.