i still have my feet on the ground

some times, i got this miserable feeling that my boy friends doesn't understand me at all.
i don't want to talk to anybody,
i don't want to smile,
i don't want to do anything,
and i just don't know what the hell is wrong with me actually.
oh yeah, they should just mention the PMS thing. poor girl.

i don't know where to start. urgh, okay, here it goes.

realizing that the one i'm waiting for is not coming back anymore, out of sudden i know who worth my precious time that i wasted way too long for all the heartache and tears.

gosh, i really lost it. ok chill, some times, some things are better to keep it to yourself rather than to tell everyone about it right? :)

for now, i have to try not to care because no matter how much i do i don't think they care about it.

and people say, less is more.

have a good day.

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