since when?

hello. i've been busy with other stuff and people though i am unemployed and just finished my diploma and counting the days for convocation. lazy-bumbum-ass to apply a job. i did wish the offer come to me.haha.
i love my man. but now he's gone to terengganu for engine-rating stuff blablabla. i hope 4 months won't be that long. oh valentine, please come faster. opps, hang in there. :)

daddy become so cruel each day. since the late settlement of astro bill. and other monetary stuff. come on la, why have to add more reason in my "WIHMD" list?? :[ enough said.

today i woke up early cause i want to meet my babybun and naiemo. but i had to rush back home. fuck! :( i know she mad at me. but that is beyond my control. if i don't want to meet her at the very first place why the hell i wasted my time to go there. ohhh i don't want to break another promise. :(

dear god, please be nice to us. you know i miss her. i am begging u to give us a little time to spend together. at least.

goodnight babybun. goodnight dear.

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