do not bother

This is not a game, where you can quit or play whenever you want. U can’t force someone to play along with you anytime you want, and tell them to stop when you feel like you don’t need them anymore.

What a waste when we forgot that friendship is everything to us. It means a lot. It doesn’t come and go like love. It’s almost impossible to find a friend like what you had before. Once you look like the friendship is no longer meaningful to you, it’s time. It’s like you throw the key of friendship, into the widest deepest and scary ocean. There’s no way to get the key back in your hand.

There’s some concept friendship quite same with love. You will never be able to turn back times. People change every time. Regret is the most hurting moment that we would ever feel. You can regret, but you will never be able to turn back times. To be just like before, to cut the time so that we can pretend that the worst part happened in our lives never exists? People will always forgive but never forget.

You can always wish it happen. That’s the power of what we call prayer.

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