stab me right into my heart

If my mom still alive we wouldn't be like this

I don't have to live my life this way

Family? Consider that scratched out of the list.
I don't even know what's happening anymore.
Are we still what we call a Family?
Sad. So sad to even think about it.
There are lines and grids now.
A firewall. That brings us all apart.

And I know one person who changed it all.
Who started the partings.

It definitely you, please do deny.

So there, we are divided into groups.
Some went on being individuals, alienating themselves from problems that may occur.
After all, who wants to be part of a problem. Part of a division.
Everyone act like nothing happens, while they know it’s something bad.
Can't really trust anyone don't you? Well, too bad.
Did you just know that? Thought you're smart enough to figure that out.

Too old to know what you could do to fix this.

Deep in my heart i really want all of us to break the wall, and be together again

But then again, what am I hoping for?
What's done has been done.
What's happened has happened.

My apologies, it would take quite an effort to have what we all had.