im not a good mummy

sorry baby, i really think that i didn't take a good care of you.
but you know how i can't live without you.
i know you hurts.
because you already show your "merajuk" by making me mencarut marut everytime nak bayar tol since at that time lah your window nak stuck. );
and mummy got angry and keep terlanggar lubang besar till you making a tiny noise yang sangat annoying. sigh.

by the way, mummy always love you.
you know that right baby? <3

macam biasa, cik Mokh semangat menampal P saya.
and cik Mokh juga semangat bab bab sport check my baby. -,-
thank you cik Mokh sebab tinted my baby, now baby tak panas lagi. :)
ehem. ini candid. cik Mokh tak posing ye.
baby get serviced. :) you love me now baby?
and oh i got my baby new clothe for his steering. :D

unfortunately, tak muat nak guna steering lock. damn. -,-