baby, you're mine now

Dear baby,

At last, mummy got time to write about you. You know, mummy was expecting you since mummy got phone call from mummy’s daddy saying that you’ll be mine. Day by day, mummy couldn’t sleep well. Mummy always think about you.

Then, the day has come.

February 8th 2010.

Mummy skipped BEL class only to meet you. Mummy’s daddy has told me everything about you.

Mummy don’t really like your colour, but never mind because you look perfect in your own way. So adorable.

No words can describe how grateful I am to have such a beautiful baby like you.

Mummy promise will take care of you. Mummy will not neglecting you ever.

Sleep tight baby, tomorrow we gonna have a long journey.

Mummy loves you so much.


faraOfafa said...

ececeh ;P
BABY KELLY said...

dah naik dah !
walaupun tak sampai one minute , bahahaha :P