people and song

recently, when i hear songs, it makes me thinking of people that i miss too much till i cry.

down, jay sean - AKA
miss that night so much. i want you to hear me sing this song again so you'll make joke of me. haha. but it seems so impossible now. well, theres always me in your life. watch out :p

when you say nothing at all, ronan keating - MSS
i miss you the most, and you should know that. i can't stop thinking about you. i'd begging you to sing this song with your "sally" the guitar. it makes my heart melts. always.

love triangle, frente bizarre - NSMA
miss this nenek also. she always sing this song with her own lyric. haha. so funny.

lucky, jason mraz - SFS
remember, the night you called me? you played the guitar, we sang this song? hahah. this one funny too cause i don't remember we actually sing the song, but screaming the song. haha. :D

byebye, mariah carey - FM
mama...i miss you always. :(

almost lover, a fine frenzy - MZA
you just one of the heart breaker in my life. haha. this song suit you the best. now, not anymore la, don't worry. :) but still, when i hear this song, it reminds me of our story.

falling star, jet - AIS
hehe. i can't explain this one. it just reminds me of him. haih. its like, my guardian angel. :)


KIBA kline said...

AIS ??

haha. MSS and his sally. :)

k u c e m said...

haaa da ade AIS tuhh. :p


Syfqh Rzk said...

AZA , saye tahu , saye tahu

k u c e m said...

diam diam sudeyh. :)