she says "you're not alone"

and here comes the hardest part in my life again. suddenly, i feel like the walls tumbling down on me. i cry harder. its not like my first time. im used to be like this. cry and cry all night. the next morning, sepet girl wake up from her bed, live her life as usual.
this time, it feels so different. i really need someone to hold me tight. lend me the shoulder to cry on. i really need the spirit, the magic words to make me feel calm. super calm, cause im at the highest level of misery.
searching for mister and miss Right is not easy. and till they come, i keep on crying. loud music, not one of them can stop me from keep on crying over and over again. everybody keep on asking me what happened? and me myself don't have any answer for that. really. i can't answer that. and it made me feel damn pathetic. im not ok and i don't even know what is wrong with me??
out of no where, atlast, my super duper great friend come with her magic words that what is all i need right now. im not asking too much. and she don't even push me to answer her question "what happened to you?". saying im so down, she got all my points. she keep giving her magic words. try to convince me that i am not a bad person. and i am not alone. she'll be there anytime for me. truthfully, i feel so much better. because, i am not the-give-all-out person. at least, that is what i think i was before. she did a good job as a friend.

thank you so much and i love you. thats all i can say to you. for having such a great friend like you, now i feel the bless.

remember, she is my friend. ENGKU LIYANA ZAFIRAH BT ENGKU SUHAIMI


Anonymous said...

thanks so much syg..:') im really glad, i can make u feel better, even i noe its not almost can make all ur pain to go away, but atleast u noe im wif u whenever u want. dont ever tink u r alone kay, i hope i can make u feel better forever. dont ever want u to feel sad or down. n i wish i can feel ur pain n take it away from u. remember dear, be STRONG! dont ever said u r not a gud person. t8care ;)

k u c e m said...

gabazillions of thank you sayang.