random facts about my hair

1. its too damn long. even though i'm the one who gatal sangat nak simpan rambut panjang dulu. cause i think long hair is sexy. ok now i regret i keep my hair grow longer every second. hahah

2.every time i lay down, it'll stuck anywhere. i repeat ANYWHERE! celah ketiak ke, celah bontot ke, segala celah nak tersekat.

3. give me more PAINFUL headache.

4.my hair is dull, unmanageable, and horrible split ends. or in other word "rambut rosak".

5.sorry to say, but rambut menjadi semakin menjadi jadi rosak and gatal and semua lah masalah rambut timbul since i wear shawl. hmmphh ;(

6.hair grow faster during sleep. it explain my very long hair. haha

7.i'm gonna miss you rambut. expired date wednesday december, 9th.

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ahmad syafiq al-gonzalez said...

gogogo hantu

btw, tu cabaran muslimah alam baru tu