you want an ice i'll make you freeze

i have this one stupid feeling.
i don't know how to reveal this feeling.
stupid right?
i mean, why you have to let someone that you love go away from your life?
i guess its the same reason for why you love someone too.
there's no concrete reason for any of that
or just say, "i don't know why"

the only thing that i couldn't control myself is every time i look at him.
only god know how fast my heart beats every time.
i get so excited about him.
but he never know that.

life is unfair nini. deal with it. and my love life suck. thank you god.

"What I was isn't what I am
I'd change back but I don't know if I can
Still I'll try, try again, try again
Baby I die every night, every time
But I was made the way I am
I'm not a stone
Lay down your arms
and I will lay down mine
Rip back the time that we've been wasting
God I wish you could see me now
You'd pick me up and you'd sort me out"


naie naze said...

nini, fight ur way matter what the ending will be,make sure there will be no regret and grief.fight, and try to win(dun fight in a bad way,i mean,fight to win him back whatever it takes, if u know deep down he's always with u), that's what love is all about.

p/s:i always fight, even when it hurts me to see him hurted by me, bcz i know i'll regret my whole life if i let him go.

k u c e m said...

wow naie, thats so meaningful.
haha. thank you so much. :)

Anonymous said...

agreed to naze.
fight conciously,
it will get worse otherwise.

u just have to bare with it.
truth not always sweet,
lies sometimes bitter.
just smile no matter what happens.

and god loves everyone,
yes i mean u and me :)

k u c e m said...

err, thank you mr/mrs anonymous =/