people hurt each other

You know about Karma right? Strongly believes in it. It really works!

All this time, I care about you.

Share almost everything with you.

Concern whenever you’re not feeling well.

Wait for you, even it’s late.

Cheer you up when I think you’re feeling down.

Listening to every story of your life even I’m tired.

Yes, I am honestly, willingly, done all those because I love you. Because you (supposedly) are my friend.

Don’t care what you have done to me. Don’t have to jot down all the things that hurt me every single time. I let bygone be bygone.

I let you do whatever you want to do, don’t bother to think about me neither do I.

Let’s pray for our “own” happiness. Even I am not happy to hate you this much, let it be how it supposed to be. I don’t choose this way. I can’t bear this feeling anymore.

Life is cruel. Good to know that. I am cruel. I admit it. Anytime later, when people do bad thing to you, think what you have done to them. Ask them yourself if it bother you so much.

This is it. Goodbye friend. The end

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