Happy Birthday Smith

No need to repeat “happy birthday” again and again. This time, I would like to say something about my dearest friend.

Well, his name is Zul Aiman Khalil. I don’t know where he was born, but I am pretty sure it’s either KL or Kedah. :P I call him Smith, like everyone else does. Sometime AGS, stands for abang gagah smith. It’s because he’s much bigger than me. haha ok no, it’s because of one day we hanged out together with ben, and I was the only girl so like they’re protecting me left and right. Feel really safe to have them besides me. :) sweet kan i? haha

I know him from Shafiq and John. I still remember shafiq told me “ni mamat player ni, jangan dekat dengan dia” haha that’s not exactly what he said, but something like that la.

Ok, all I want to say is he is a good friend, a good listener too, and I like to gossiping with him because I know he like it too. :P haha.

He is so lucky to have amalina azlan in his life. Because of this pretty girl, he retired from his old job which is *youknowyourself* :P they have gone through ups and down of their relationship and I know how deep his love to amalina. :)

So, the thing that is more important that I would like to say here is, thank you for the friendship. I really appreciate it especially javachip, kuih bulan, birthday card, the lepak lepak and everything la. Hahaha. Kidding. Ok la i have to stop talking nonsense.


I am being innocent for too long. Hahaha.


iena beena said...

haha..he's still the playa guy agi..haha

k u c e m said...

playa dengan keling keling kt muadzam ke iena? hahahaha
layannnn je. :p

iena beena said...