big girls don't cry

Hello people. This is my new blog. The old blog will be private for my own reading only. I am trying to be more matured (don’t expect too much, there’ll be my immature space :p) here so that it will be suitable for all ages to read it.

*actually it’s because of the people who read my old blog, and there are some content that are not suitable for them to read it. Yes, it’s H, H and F.*

Since I am famously known as KUCEM, so that is why I still using the old URL for this blog. The old one? Request for invitation if you think you could be the lucky one.

I know this should not bother you so much. Thank you for your loyalty.

Immature space

Kau ingat kau famous sangat macam jebon atau hanis zalikha ? Nobody read your blog you bloody loser.


KIBA kline said...

hai kucem.
move on k.

0-0 said...


k u c e m said...

welcome to my different world. my outside world. no more my inside world here. -_-'